Ordering products on GP Pro is really easy, but what to do if you want to cancel your order? 

We understand that there are situations when you order any product but later don’t feel like buying it. GP Pro provides you with the right to cancel your order anytime before it is shipped.

 If you want to cancel the order after the product has been shipped, you need to speak to GP Pro customer care and make a request to cancel the order.

After the order has been canceled, the money will be refunded to debit card or credit card, or internet banking account (whichever mode you have used for payment). In the case of  COD (Cash on Delivery), you will not receive any refund as you have not paid the money.

How to cancel an order on GP Pro?

If the product has not been dispatched by the seller, you must follow these steps to cancel the order on GP Pro

How to cancel an order on GP Pro?

  1. To cancel the order on GP Pro, you must open the website, log in your GP Pro account    and select “My Orders”.
  2. As soon you click on “My Orders”. You will be able to see the list of all your orders. Select the order which you want to cancel and click on the ‘Cancel’ button.
  3. In the next step, you will be asked to provide reasons for canceling your order. You can select your reason among the reasons provided. If your reason is not listed, you can select ‘My reason is not listed’ and in the comment box provide the reason. The comment section is optional; you can fill or leave it as it is.
  4. After providing the reasons, you must click on ‘Confirm Cancellation’. Now your order will be canceled and you will receive a refund to the mode through which you have made the paymen
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