As our customers, we respect your privacy. We know it is important for you as well as it is important for our business too. In order to magnify the privacy of your information, we are here explaining the online information practices and policies. So that in the end you can take your decision after knowing all the privacy policies of our esteemed organization.

When you choose us for our service, then you should not be worried about your privacy. It is absolutely safe with us. We believe in trust and good relationships.

Your personal details are only used to enhance your rental experience with us. We respect your confidentiality concern. We believe that it is your complete right to change the details anytime by logging into your account.

Let’s believe each other and start your journey with us

Complete security what you get

When you fill in your information at our website signup window, we use them to process your order queries. We require your

  • Id proof verified by the government of India
  • Passport size photo
  • Your active mail id
  • Your residence address

Just for regular update with the services we are offering to the customers in future. If you have any queries regarding your order, our customer support is always available for you all the time.

This is only applied when you are registered with our website.

You can unsubscribe from our notifications whenever you want.

Use of cookies on a website

For your General information, cookies are small file in a web browser which is used for collecting the information. If you are allowing cookies to access then you are allowing a website to customize the configuration depending on the requirements and preferences. But cookies never access the information which is actually stored in the computer or any other kind of personal data.

Your information is safe with us

At Times we have to release certain information that includes any kind of personal data to satisfy legal requirements. The information is also used for protecting the morality and safety of our firm.

Our third parties policies?

We believe that never disclosing our Customers’ personal details to third parties for other use is our prime privacy policy for better relations. Though, some of the information might be used for marketing statistics, categorizing the customer’s demand, and accomplishing the requirements of our clients.

Our ethics for High security

We are strong believers in Security, integrity, and privacy when it comes to saving information and data related to our clients. We constantly update the security measures on our homepage so it is important for you to visit your website regularly and get updated about the privacy policies.

Unsponsored Links

Our website usually embraces other website’s links but don’t worry these links are just for your convenience. We do not share any sponsorship or promote any endorsement of other websites.

Get updated, Be smart

We update our privacy policy on regular basis. It’s our right to change the policy anytime so we suggest you get updated on the privacy policy on monthly basis. The modifications immediately get implicated with the time they get posted on our website. We believe in giving the best service to you so, it is a humble request to visit the website on a frequent basis to get all the information and make the right decision.